Adoption & Foster Care

With over thirty-five years each working in the adoption and foster care fields, Drs. Wunderman have expertise in helping children and families cope with the challenges of alternative family-building.  Oren Wunderman oversees the foster care of more than 1,100 children annually through the Family Resource Center of South Florida (FRC).  In addition, FRC handles on-average 70-85 adoptions each year.

Terilee Wunderman provides individual and family therapy to those touched by the adoption process.  She provides psychological evaluations on adoption-readiness for both children and prospective adoptive parents.  Dr. Wunderman works with marital couples, same-sex couples, and single parents considering and coping with the challenges of infertility and adoption.  She also provides presentations on “Talking to your Children about Adoption” and “Talking to Teachers about Adoption.”

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