Creativity is natural and within us all. However, we may learn to deny or inhibit our creativity, thinking we are not good enough to “be creative.” We may have learned to believe that there are creative people and not creative people. Yet, creativity exists in everyone.  It’s just a matter of listening to our inner creative voice and following our heart so we can realize the blessings already present within us and allow them to be expressed in our own unique, divine ways.

Creative self-expression fosters our well-being by gently facilitating stuck energy, blocks or misperceptions that interfere with our natural flow in life.  For example, when we draw or doodle a representation of a worry, challenge or conflict we’re having, we can bypass our inner critic or “monkey mind” and allow our unconscious or natural knower to come through.  When we write without self-judgment, we allow our inner knower to have a voice and express naturally.  We can then learn from within how to take important yet comfortable steps to benefit our learning and growth.

Creative self-expression can help strengthen the connection to one’s inner voice or inner knower.  By writing and drawing without self-judgment and with the divine flow that comes from within, we can increase our awareness of what is true and motivating us in our heart of hearts. We can learn to forgive ourselves for past judgments and be open to the wonders of our natural creative strivings and desires.

Services to support and develop one’s natural creative spark include coaching sessions in person, via telephone, and through emails. Experiences may include therapeutic writing, storytelling for healing and insight, visual journaling for self-expression and self-awareness, and other means of creative expression tailored to the individual to foster well-being, insight and personal growth.

To learn more, please contact Terilee Wunderman directly.


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