Creativity Coaching

Creativity Coaching with Terilee Wunderman 

Creativity Coaching involves a delightful, fun, and practical combination of focused art projects, journaling, storytelling, and tailored discussions for assisting individuals and groups in exploring their natural creative processes.  By accessing our inner wisdom through different forms of creative self-expression, clients can discover how to navigate joyfully through career and life changes.  Sessions are based on clients’ requests and intentions and are geared toward discovering the blessings already present in life’s challenges.

Coaching sessions are held live as well as via phone and tele-classes. E-mail support is available to all coaching clients and class participants.

Terilee Wunderman is certified as an  ARTbundance Coach & Practitioner and Instructor for Journal to the Self 

Creativity Coaching is not psychotherapy and does not involve psychological testing or evaluation procedures.

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