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Selfie 3.14Wonders of Writing

I remember my sense of wonder at the age of five when I read a book by myself for the first time. My mother had taught me to read long before I started school. While standing at the dining room table after dinner, “A Present for the Princess” leaped off the pages and out of my mouth. My mother listened and praised me after each sentence while she washed the dinner dishes nearby. Read more here . . .

Selfie 3.14Helping Your Children Prepare for Hurricane Season

Preparing children for hurricane season includes talking to and involving them in the process.  Rather than attempting to deny, minimize or dismiss hurricane fears, be honest and open about how you and your family are coping with the possibility of storms. Mild hurricane anxiety is often a natural, healthy inner warning system for our self-preservation and survival. Talking with your children about how your family is preparing, what may occur and what they may see during and after a storm will help them cope with such anxiety in healthy and effective ways.  Read more here . . . 

Writing for Your Heart’s Health

Selfie 3.14

Expressive writing takes only pen and paper. It doesn’t matter how you write about what bothered you.  Don’t worry about grammar, punctuation, or complete sentences. Don’t judge, critique or edit your writings.  The key is to express what’s in your heart that’s troubled you as a way of letting it go and relieving the emotional pain. Read more here. . .

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  1. Kathy says:

    This is awesome. Never occurred to me that kids need to be ‘prepared’ differently 🙂

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