Wonder Walking: Enjoying the Wonders of Walking Outdoors

Wonder Walking: Enjoying the Wonders of Walking Outdoors by Terilee Wunderman is a delightful approach to easy exercise and personal renewal. Available in paperback, Wonder Walking combines the practice of gentle self-care with noticing and appreciating the blessings and wonder of all things. Wonder Walking is a handy guide for enjoying a sense of harmony and synchronicity while walking outdoors.

From the book:

Do you ever find yourself thinking, “I need to wind down, but I really need to get inspired, but I also need some exercise?”  These three thoughts can seem contradictory, but Wonder Walking blends them together. When you Wonder Walk, you allow your surroundings to nurture you as you move and breathe. You can clear your mind of worries and concerns as you tune into the wonder and oneness of all around you. You can experience openness to the natural inspiration that walking outdoors provides. 

Filled with inspiring photos taken by Terilee during her years of daily walks, Wonder Walking is a simple yet profound guide for exploring and enjoying self-care of one’s body, mind and spirit. In Wonder Walking, Terilee notes key research supporting the value of walking outdoors for greater health and well-being. Wonder Walking addresses the personal, individual ways we can care for ourselves while tuning in to the awe and oneness of all things.

From the book:
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In a study from the United Kingdom, a walk outdoors at lunch time helped people sleep better the following night.  The lunchtime walkers also woke up feeling more restored the next day compared to mornings when they hadn’t walked outdoors the day before.  When people walked regularly outdoors, they had significantly lower blood pressure. In addition, after just eight weeks of walking outdoors several days a week, walkers felt much less stress in their lives.  With as little as five minutes of outdoor exercise, people felt significant boosts in mood and self-esteem, including those who suffered with diagnosed mental disorders.

Heart Frog

From the book:

Writing about your Wonder Walking experiences, especially regarding challenging thoughts, feelings or experiences you encountered, can promote greater health and well-being in addition to the natural benefits of walking.  So be sure to take a few moments after your walks to devote to journaling as a way of supporting your health as well as creativity. 

Wonder Walking includes useful journal prompts to inspire your writing process and help you notice, appreciate, and remember the awe and wonder of walking outdoors.

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